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6 reasons to skip RGB lights in your PC

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If you want to impress your friends or fans on social media with your gaming PC, comprehensive RGB lighting is the way to go. However, a minimalist setup without colorful lights often ensures greater concentration and peace of mind. The reason: The constantly changing colors of RGB lighting can distract your focus from the game, which can be particularly problematic during intense gaming moments.

The quality of sleep can also suffer from RGB flickering. Bright, colored lights disrupt your natural sleep rhythm. So if your gaming PC is in the bedroom, you should switch off the RGB effects at night, at least. What’s more, RGB lighting consumes additional energy, even if it’s only a little. So being economical is another good reason to switch off the lights.


The lifespan of the hardware also speaks against the lighting: If the LEDs fail while other components are still working, this could be particularly annoying for perfectionists because the overall aesthetic suffers. If you also use your gaming computer for work or study, not using RGB lighting will give you a more professional appearance during a video conference.

Finally, don’t forget the cost: RGB components are usually more expensive than non-illuminated counterparts. Any money you save here can instead be invested in more powerful components such as a better graphics card or CPU.


In conclusion, it can be summarized that RGB lighting is not fundamentally inadvisable. However, there are certainly reasons to view it critically. Perhaps it’s time to focus more on the actual gaming experience rather than the bling surrounding it.

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