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Chat GPT now has a voice

Chatbot und Google sind auf Smartphones zu sehen. Eine neue Welle von Chatbots wie ChatGPT verwenden AI, die die traditionelle Suchmaschine neu erfinden kann.Image: Tada Images /

Open AI has announced via a post on X that its chatbot Chat GPT now has a new feature to help users with visual impairments. In the chatbot’s Android and iOS apps, Chat GPT can now read out its responses to you. Simply tap on a message from the chatbot and select “Read Aloud.”

The Verge reports that the feature supports a total of 37 different languages.

You can use “Read Aloud” in the Chat GPT apps both as a free user with the large major language model GPT-3.5, or as a paid subscriber with access to GPT-4.

This article, which originally appeared on PC för Alla, has been translated from Swedish to English.

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