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Edifier's new QR65 computer speakers look as good as they sound

Edifier QR65 speakersImage: Edifier

Edifier is a popular speaker choice among desktop PC enthusiasts. Its R1280T bookshelf speakers are a staple on /r/battlestations and the top of Amazon’s best-seller list, and there’s a pair sitting a couple of feet away on my own desk. But the company’s new QR65 design might just be a new favorite, especially if you like a bit of RGB with your audio tech.

The Edifier QR65 includes a laundry list of audiophile goodies for direct, USB, and Bluetooth wireless audio, with roomy 2.75-inch primary drivers, 1.25-inch silk diaphragm tweeters, and MazeTube reflex channels for a bit of thumping bass despite their small size and lack of subwoofer. There’s a sub-out port in the rear if you want to add one yourself.

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Edifier claims that its “dual TI Class-D digital audio amplifiers provide the precise two-way active crossover, magnify high frequency signals and mid-low frequency signals separately, and manage DRC effectively.” I’m sure that means something cool to people who know more than me about audio.

But it’s the many extras provided by these speakers that might turn the heads of PC enthusiasts. Take the mirrored “infinity effect” front baffle. It’s surrounded by a thin line of RGB lighting that can be adjusted via a smartphone app, with plenty of animations on offer. It’s a nice bit of extra bling for your desktop, without going full Razer, as it were.


The speakers aren’t all show. They include a built-in Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger in the housing, with up to 65 watts of power output over two USB-C and one USB-A ports. So these things can charge most laptops and smartphones at their maximum rate. They even include some stylish but functional aluminum speaker stands in the box for both black and white versions.

Naturally, the QR65 won’t be the same bargain-hunting favorite as the R1280T. The speakers have yet to get a US store listing, but KitGuru spotted them for sale in the UK at £329.99.

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