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Get a huge 45-inch ultrawide monitor for just $550

LG budget 45 inch ultrawide monitorImage: LG

The last few years have seen the rise of a new and slightly weird segment in the monitor world: ultrawides that are even wider. Most of these behemoths are far outside the range of anything approaching a budget or even mid-range desktop setup, but today Amazon is selling one of the (relatively) smaller examples for just $549.99. The LG Ultragear 45GR65DC-B, a 44.5-inch gaming model with twice the resolution of a standard QHD monitor, is $150 off its standard retail price.

At that size and resolution (5120×1440), the UltraGear is basically two 22-inch monitors smushed together, albeit with a higher pixel density than you usually see in that form factor. It’s missing some of the bells and whistles of more expensive, $1,500+ examples of the super-mega-ultrawide, like a built-in KVM or USB-C input. (The more expensive 45GR75DC has the latter.) And while the VA panel is surprisingly speedy at 200Hz, it lacks the color accuracy of IPS and the vibrancy of OLED.

Even so, this is probably the best dollar-to-square inch ratio you’re going to see for a long while. I also dig the built-in FPS counter and split picture mode, which allows you to split the screen in two and show different PCs (or other inputs like a game console) on each QHD half. Amazon says this is a “limited time deal,” so there’s no telling how long it will stick around.

Get a 45-inch LG ultrawide monitor for just $550

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