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Get Outer Worlds for free, and every Fallout game for just $25

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Have you heard that Amazon is making a live-action Fallout TV series? It has Walton Goggins playing an undead cowboy ghoul. I’m in. It’s another week before the premiere, which is probably why there are such crazy deals on Fallout games at the moment. Every single mainline Fallout game is in a $25 bundle, plus Obsidian Entertainment’s spiritual successor The Outer Worlds is free on Epic.

Let’s tackle the big bundle first. Fanatical has a sale combining PC codes for the Fallout Classic Collection (which includes the original Fallout and Fallout 2 top-down RPGs and the Fallout Tactics strategy game), Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Fallout 4 GOTY, and the latest game, Fallout 76. That’s a huge amount of games (and DLC bundles for three of them), which currently costs $130 all together on Steam or a bit over $70 in a bundle, for just $25.

And yes, Fanatical is selling the bundle as Steam codes — you can redeem them on the platform with the only real drawback being that they aren’t eligible for refunds. You can even take an extra 10% off (for a final price of $22.50) if you check out with the coupon code OMEN10.

“But wait,” I hear you cry, “I crave the final frontier adventure of space-based sci-fi, I disdain fiction inspired by Cold War-era nuclear anxiety as a relic of the boomer generation, and yet I paradoxically have a burning hatred for the hyper-capitalism of the early 20th century gilded age, because I currently have zero dollars despite also possessing a decently powerful gaming PC!”

My god that’s an incredibly specific complaint, hypothetical strawman reader! But you’re in luck, because I have exactly the freebie promotion to satiate your implausibly precise desires. Epic’s free PC game giveaway for this week is The Outer Worlds, developed as a spiritual successor to Obsidian Entertainment’s Fallout: New Vegas.

The Outer Worlds is basically Fallout in spaaaaace, with the cynical take on 50s era retro-futurism skinned over with villains and art that takes inspiration from robber barons and art nouveau. And this Spacer’s Choice Edition of the game includes the Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos expansion packs. You’ve got one week to claim it (ending April 11th) on your Epic account for the grand price of nothing, nada, zippo, zilch.

I dare you to finish them all before you see the first episode of the Fallout TV series.

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