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Hate Valentine's Day? Try Opera GX's HeartBlocker plugin

Opera GX Heartblocker Valentine's DayImage: Opera Software

Back in my post-college days, a group of (single) friends would gather to celebrate Anti-Valentines Day, shunning anyone who had coupled up. It was an excuse to party, basically. But had the world offered it to us, we might have downloaded the HeartBlocker plugin for Opera GX.

HeartBlocker works by filtering out words and imagery attached to Valentine’s Day and replacing them with something less… precious. The plugin has two options: Normal Mode, which takes a more neutral approach, and “Emo Mode” — which dials up the angst in a big way. Think rain, dark colors, the works.

Unfortunately it won’t automatically cut out pictures of your ex from any photos that you have stored on your PC, but with AI all things are eventually possible.

To get it, you’ll need to download the plugin from the website for Opera GX, Opera’s gaming-friendly browser offshoot. The extension will appear in the Extensions portion of the browser’s menu options, and can be removed once the holiday ends or if you’ve scored a last-minute date at the local watering hole. Your choice!

Opera Software

Opera GX debuted in 2019 as a gamer-friendly browser, complete with RGB lighting, RAM counters, and more. Over time Opera GX has added support for Discord and more, even sanitizing your dubious browser history after your death. Since Opera only has just above 1 percent of all browser users in the United States, it’s definitely a niche market.

Still, if you view Valentine’s Day through the lens of an ex who casually ripped your heart out and left you to wonder if you’d ever love again, then invited you to her wedding, well… Opera GX and HeartBlocker may be for you.

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