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Incase takes over Microsoft's mouse and keyboards

Incase Microsoft mice and keyboardsImage: Incase

In April of last year, Microsoft announced that it was exiting the PC accessory business (mice, keyboards, headsets, et cetera). While Microsoft is still planning to sell computer accessories under the more stylish (and expensive) Surface brand, its self-titled hardware was sunsetting after nearly three decades on shelves. But it looks like the designs, if not the Microsoft branding, are getting a stay of execution. Incase, a company specializing in laptop bags and sleeves, is reviving many of Microsoft’s products in 2024.

So says the announcement page on Incase’s website, which declares that newly manufactured devices in the line will be branded as “Incase Designed by Microsoft.” Existing products in Microsoft’s mouse, keyboard, headset, and speaker line will continue to be sold. The only notable difference from products that have been on the shelves for years appears to be Incase’s leaf-shaped logo on the plastic.

The following products have been confirmed for release, though prices and precise dates aren’t known:

Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (keyboard, mouse, number pad)Sculpt Comfort Desktop (keyboard, mouse) Wireless Comfort Desktop 5050 AES (keyboard, mouse) Wireless Desktop 850 (keyboard, mouse) Wireless Desktop 900 (keyboard, mouse) Wired Desktop 600 (keyboard, mouse) Sculpt Ergonomic KeyboardErgonomic KeyboardWired Keyboard 600Bluetooth Keyboard Designer Compact KeyboardBluetooth Number Pad Mobile Mouse 1850Bluetooth Ergonomic MouseBluetooth MouseSculpt Ergonomic Mouse Modern Mobile Mouse Modern Wireless HeadsetModern USB HeadsetModern USB-C Headset Modern USB-C Speaker Audio Dock Modern Webcam

While Microsoft’s accessories always seemed to play second fiddle to Logitech as the go-to pick for anyone not looking for anything particularly fancy, they have their fans, especially the ergonomic keyboard line. This move seems like a win-win: Consumers will preserve access to some dependable gadget picks, Incase will get to expand its offerings without the expense of developing new products, Microsoft (I’m guessing) will get to stock its online and retail stores with accessories priced below the high-priced Surface brand.

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