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Intel gives PC vendors the green light to sell high speed Core chips

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Intel will officially offer a “delidded” version of the Core i9-14900KS through its PC partners, including a warranty, an official representative confirmed Friday. The company’s new option was reported earlier via YouTube Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung and then at Tom’s Hardware, which picked up on the news.

CPUs typically ship as a packaged chip, sometimes with a PC cooling solution in the box. “Delidding” is a far more extreme step that involves removing the processor package and heat sink to provide access directly to the die itself. Consumers and even enthusiasts rarely do this, as it exposes the fragile processor die to the elements. However, it also allows for more aggressive cooling solutions, which can allow the chip to run at even higher speeds. It’s timely, as Intel’s latest chip as already been overclocked from its stock speed of 6.2GHz to 8.8GHz.

“Intel is working with a select group of partners to provide support for delidded i9-14900KS-powered systems with a one-year limited warranty,” an Intel representative said in an e-mail. “No other Intel Core SKUs–including standalone i9-14900KS box/tray units–are eligible for delidded warranty support.”

It’s unknown, however, what that warranty covers. Intel has offered warranty support for overclocking before and it was called the Performance Tuning Protection Plan. But Intel axed it in 2021. The company also isn’t saying who its partners will be, though Tom’s Hardware noted that Maingear is among the list. Hot Hardware reports that it will cost $247 extra: $200 for the chip and another $47 for an upgraded cooler.

PCWorld has also been told by Corsair Gaming’s Origin PC business to expect a desktop with a delidded Core i9-14900KS to review, but we didn’t know at the time that it would be a standard option. Look for that review video soon.

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