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LG starts the OLED race with a new 480Hz monitor

lg 480hz gaming monitorImage: LG

While OLED monitors are all the rage at the moment, their gorgeous, super-vibrant panels aren’t the fastest around. Esports gamers determined to shoot the maximum amount of frames per second into their eyeballs still need to seek out a high-quality LCD screen. LG is hoping to change that at CES 2024. The company has pulled the curtain off a 27-inch panel with an impressive 480Hz refresh rate, making it far and away the fastest OLED monitor and among the fastest screens on the gaming market.

The 2560×1440 panel is hitting the sweet spot for size and resolution for PC gamers. And though it’s the fastest OLED monitor we’ve seen yet, it’s certainly not the only one in LG’s lineup. According to the pre-CES announcement, the company plans to show OLED displays in 27, 31.5, 34, 39, and 45-inch sizes at the conference. Presumably all of them are set for release sometime this year — the super-fast 27-inch monitor (which wasn’t officially named) is coming sometime in the first half.

It seems like desktop PCs are finally getting the OLED upgrade that high-end TVs saw almost a decade ago, complete with niche products for fans of insanely fast and insanely large displays. Now if only we could get some of them for less than the average price of rent. Unsurprisingly, LG declined to share any planned pricing for its upcoming OLED monitors.

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