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Logitech’s new gaming keyboard is tiny and pricey

Logitech G Pro 60 keyboardImage: Logitech

Logitech sells a lot of keyboards — it’s all over our wireless keyboard roundup, for example. But you won’t find one of its models in our equivalent gaming keyboard roundup, because it tends to demand a high price without delivering in hardware. The company’s newest gaming board design is the diminutive Logitech Pro X 60, and something tells me it isn’t going to change the status quo.

The Logitech Pro X 60 wireless board gets its name from the 60% form factor it’s rocking, chopping off everything but the primary alphanumeric keys. The design also gets a volume wheel on the left side. The layout is a standard configuration, so the keyboard should work with standard ISO keycap replacement sets.

But you might not want to — unlike some keyboard suppliers (which shall remain nameless Razer) that ship cheaper ABS keycaps with expensive boards, these are doubleshot PBT caps that also let the RGB lighting shine through. Check out that stylish Escape key, which is white on the black or pink versions or black on the white keyboard. Two non-branded keycaps are included in the box if you prefer a more uniform look.

Those switches aren’t going anywhere, though. They’re optical and soldered in place, whether you choose tactile or linear. I hasten to add that Logitech’s GX Optical switches are not analog or adjustable actuation, like some other keyboards in this price range, they’re just activated by light sensors.

The keyboard boasts Logitech’s standard three-way wireless setup, with triple-device Bluetooth or proprietary “Lightspeed” 2.4Ghz wireless via the dongle. With 1 millisecond response time, that should be far faster than puny human reaction times. Logitech says its G Hub software offers “control of every key,” though I have my doubts on whether that includes the Fn key, often a sticking point for 60% boards.


How much does Logitech want for the Pro X 60? One hundred and eighty American greenbacks. That might have been justifiable if it was, indeed, analog, but frankly it’s just too expensive for me to consider it, even with the admittedly thoughtful carrying case in the box. For that kind of dough you can get the Corsair K65 Plus Wireless, which is currently our #1 pick for gaming keyboards, plus some extra switches to take advantage of its hot-swap sockets.

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