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Nvidia's AI-infused Video Super Resolution comes to RTX 20-series GPUs

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Sometimes it feels like having anything less than the latest and greatest graphics card means getting left behind in terms of features. Today Nvidia bucks that trend, at least a little bit, by bringing its RTX Video Super Resolution to GeForce RTX 20-series GPUs. The video enhancement tool, previously available to RTX 30-series and newer cards, comes to the older hardware via the 1.5 update of the tool.

If you haven’t heard, Nvidia RTX Super Resolution is a way to enhance 2D video with a bit of AI-enhanced algorithmic processing magic, leveraging the AI tensor cores in RTX GPUs. The idea is to make older and lower-quality videos shine on newer displays and laptops, sort of like an enhanced version of the way a 4K TV will upscale a 1080p input signal. Super Resolution can enhance web video in the Chrome or Edge browsers, as well as local playback in VLC. It’s included in the Nvidia Control Panel tool.

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RTX Super Resolution isn’t related to any version of DLSS upscaling for games and other 3D content — they’re completely separate technologies. Even so, it’s nice to see Nvidia make good on the promise it made earlier this year to bring the feature to Turing-based desktop and laptop GPUs.

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