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Petition demands Windows 10 live on past 2025

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Pressure is growing on Microsoft to extend support for Windows 10, which is still the most widely used version of the operating system. The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) is demanding that the Redmond software company continue to provide security updates for Windows 10 beyond October 2025. PIRG has now launched the online petition Tell Microsoft: Don’t leave millions of computers behind if you want to add your voice to the effort.

The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) is an association of US and Canadian non-profit organizations that, among other things, work for consumer protection. The PIRG now points out that with the end of support for Windows 10 in 2025, millions of Windows computers will effectively become electronic waste. Their owners would have to replace the computers with expensive new purchases. Windows 11 cannot be installed on many old Windows 10 computers due to its steep hardware requirements, even though the PCs actually still run perfectly.

Many owners of Windows 10 PCs would not be able to afford the purchase of a new computer, causing a widespread security risk. In addition, several million old PCs, which then become electronic waste, would place an excessive burden on the environment. The group points to statistics that suggest that a large proportion of these unsupported Windows 10 computers could end up in landfills.

According to PIRG, Microsoft’s decision to end support for working Windows 10 PCs would take more computers out of circulation than ever before.

Microsoft must reconsider this decision and continue to provide security updates to the millions of people who cannot upgrade their computers – both for the sake of their finances and the environment.

Lucas Rockett Gutterman, Director of PIRG’s Designed to Last campaign, quoted by Betanews

PIRC launched its online petition, addressed directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, to try to get the company to change its mind. The text reads:

Dear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella,

Don’t junk millions of computers. Microsoft’s decision to end support for Windows 10 could cause the single biggest jump in junked computers ever, and make it impossible for Microsoft to hit their sustainability goals. The new version of their operating system’s stringent hardware requirements could result in 40% of PCs in use being left behind.

Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting millions of functional computers in our hospitals, businesses, and homes is a raw deal for customers who expect their expensive devices to last.

All software reaches a point at which it’s no longer supported, but when the consequences to our environment are this large we shouldn’t accept it.

What happens on October 14 2025?

On Patch Tuesday in October 2025, Microsoft will provide security updates for Windows 10 for the last time. After that, it’s over. Microsoft will no longer fix any new security vulnerabilities discovered in Windows 10. In other words, you should no longer use Windows 10 after then, just like you shouldn’t use Windows 7 now.

But unlike Windows 7, Microsoft is not planning on providing paid-for Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 10. ESUs are only available for companies and organizations, not for private individuals.

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