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Razer's new USB-C dock is faster, smaller, and cheaper

Razer USB-C dockImage: Razer

Razer’s known for its gaming and media prowess, but a lot of its less flashy accessories are pretty solid as well. Take the company’s Thunderbolt 4 dock, which won an Editor’s Choice award from PCWorld just a few months ago. The company’s latest dock is smaller, lighter, and dare I say a little more stylish (without that Choma RGB lighting), but every bit as functional.

It’s being shown off at CES as an excellent accompaniment to the company’s Blade laptops, though of course, it should work with any modern laptop. The dock packs in 11 ports. Here they are:

4x USB-A2x USB-C Gigabit Ethernet HDMISD card slot (UHS-I) MicroSD card slot (UHS-I) 3.5mm audio


A few of those slots are hiding some shockingly advanced capabilities. The HDMI port gives you a rather standard 4K video at 60Hz, but the audio jack can handle 7.1 surround sound on a single plug. The USB-C ports can also deliver up to 85 watts of charging to your laptop. It’s all wrapped in the same stylish unibody aluminum material as Razer’s laptops, and going for a surprisingly cheap $119.99. It’s available from Razer’s online store right now.

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