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Save $200 on this self-emptying Shark robot vacuum

Shark robot vacuumImage: Shark

If you want help tidying up your humble abode, you’ve come to the right place. Best Buy’s selling the Shark Matrix (self-emptying!) robot vacuum for $299.99, which is a savings of $200. This vacuum has precision home mapping, a maximum runtime of 90 minutes, and a self-cleaning brush roll. Personally, I hate pulling hair off of the brush roll on these things, so that feature is a major plus in my book. It also includes a self-empty base as well as one side brush.

The precision home mapping feature is pretty rad, if I do say so myself. It basically maps out your home, allowing it to clean thoroughly and avoid any obstacles in its path. Believe me, there’s nothing more hair-raising than a robot vacuum tumbling down your staircase. Plus, according to the manufacturer, the self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris. Buyers claim that cleaning performance is excellent and the app is super easy to use.

This is a killer deal, so you better jump on it sooner rather than later.

Get the Shark Matrix robot vacuum for $299.99 at Best Buy

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