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Save $400 on this luxurious 2-in-1 Dell OLED laptop

Dell Inspiron 16 2-in-1Image: Dell

If you’re looking to save hundreds of dollars on a luxurious convertible laptop, you’ve come to the right place. Dell’s selling the Inspiron 16 2-in-1 for $1,159.99, which is a savings of $400. Not only does this Dell have a beautiful, big-screen OLED touch display, but it also has 1TB of SSD storage and a convertible form factor. 2-in-1’s are great for travel because you can swing the screen all the way around and use it like a tablet or prop the machine up like a tent for sharing information for watching movies.

The Inspiron 16 has an Intel Core i7-1360P CPU, an Nvidia GeForce MX550 (2GB GDDR6) GPU, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of SSD storage. That’s plenty of power for office work, day-to-day use, and maybe some lightweight gaming, though this is more of a creator-focused laptop. The 16-inch OLED touch display has a resolution of 3840×2400 and a refresh rate of 60Hz. It also has a maximum brightness of 400 nits. That means you can expect visuals that are both vibrant and crisp.

This is a really good deal, but I don’t expect it’ll last much longer. Nab it now before it’s gone.

Get the Inspiron 16 2-in-1 for $1,159.99 at Dell

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