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Scuf's Envision controllers were tailor-made for PC gaming

Corsair Scuf Envision PC controllerImage: Corsair

There are a ton of game controllers out there, at every price point imaginable. But you don’t often see designs made first and foremost for the PC — if we get support it’s often an afterthought. Premium controller maker Scuf, fresh off its acquisition by Corsair, aims to buck this trend. The Scuf Envision and Envision Pro offer all the bells and whistles of a super-premium console controller, but made for PC gamers first and foremost.

The Envision and Envision Pro, wired and wireless respectively, take the PlayStation default layout with D-Pad over a pair of parallel analog sticks. Like the Xbox Elite Controller, which might as well be the de facto standard for the PC, it offers replaceable and adjustable parts. The sticks can be swapped out with domed options in standard and extra-long lengths (Pro model only), along with four programmable rear paddles that can be removed. The triggers feature sliders that can instantly switch them into a much faster, clicky activation for the Omron switches.

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Speaking of programming, Corsair’s iCue software can be used to adjust standard button layouts and sensitivity of the analog sticks and triggers. The controllers feature a host of extra buttons on top of the standard Xbox layout: Two extra “slider action” buttons on the shoulders that should be easy to trigger with the middle of an index finger, and five extra programmable “G” buttons on the bottom, above ad RGB lighting strip. These can be set to change profiles, manage background media, rapidly enter macro text, or even launch programs. A standard headphone jack sits beneath them.

The wireless model is 2.4GHz only — 1000Hz speed and 3ms response time should be plenty for most mere mortals. Note that there’s no option for Bluetooth, which means you won’t be using this for your phone or Switch anytime soon, and Steam Deck users will need a free USB-C port. It’s nice to see a PC-focused alternative to the Xbox Elite design, though I think Scuf’s more dedicated fans will lament the lack of a choice between round- and cross-shaped D-pads. The Envision and Envision Pro are shipping now for $130 and $180 USD.

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