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SheetGPT is ChatGPT for Google Sheets and it's less than $50 now

SheetGPT Single User Plan: Lifetime SubscriptionImage: StackCommerce

By now you’ve no doubt heard of ChatGPT. But what if you could apply its AI powers to other platforms, like Google Sheets? With SheetGPT, you can. SheetGPT is ChatGPT for Google Sheets, allowing you to simplify how you work with data in Google Sheets.

With SheetGPT installed, all you have to do is call the function =AI(“Your Prompt Here”)  and you’ll get an answer to your prompt in a second. You can use the prompt to combine cells, input URLs into SheetGPT and get the full page content back, connect prompts between different cells, automate work, and much more. SheetGPT comes with a list of effective prompts to help you figure out how to best use it and works in all languages, just like ChatGPT.

SheetGPT has earned perfect 5-star rating on AppSumo and SourceForge for good reason. Find out why when you get a lifetime SheetGPT Single User Plan for 83% off $299 at just $48.99.


SheetGPT Single User Plan: Lifetime Subscription – $48.99

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