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This 27-inch OLED monitor is crazy cheap at $599

Acer Predator X27U monitorImage: Acer

OLED monitors are super cool with their vibrant colors and perfect black levels. But they’re not exactly affordable, at least not yet — it’s notable when we see a model come to market at under a thousand bucks. So that makes the Acer Predator X27U a bargain, at least in relative terms, when it’s discounted from its $999.99 retail price down to $599.99. The deal popped up on Newegg initially, but as is often the case, Amazon has matched the price.

The X27U is fairly typical for a 27-inch gaming model, boasting the popular 2560×1440 resolution (also known as “2K” in the usual 16:9 aspect ratio) and speedy 240Hz refresh rate. Response time is an impressive .03 milliseconds grey-to-grey. But you’re here for that sweet, sweet OLED picture and indeed, it’s covering 99 percent of the DCI-P3 color range with HDR10 support.

Input ports include two HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.4, and USB-C, which also has 90 watts of power delivery to your laptop and a built-in KVM switch for the two standard USB-A ports. There’s one big downer on the spec list, though: While peak brightness is an impressive 1,000 nits, typical brightness is just 150 nits, so if you’re using it an area with a lot of ambient light you might struggle to see particularly dark scenes. This isn’t really a slight on this particular model, as OLED panels are uniformly dimmer than conventional LCDs.

We don’t know exactly how long this promotional price will last, or unit stock for that matter, so if you want in on the deal you might want to move fast.

Get the Acer Predator X27U for $599.99


Look for something a little bigger? How about a lot bigger, as in pretty much twice the size? As it happens, Samsung is offering a significant discount on its 49-inch Odyssey G95SC OLED, which is essentially two 27-inch 2K panels squished into one giant, curvy monster. Normally $1,800, the official Samsung online store is offering it for $1,299.99. Once again, Newegg and Amazon have matched the price. You can read PCWorld’s review of the Odyssey G95SC OLED right here.

Get the Samsung Odyssey G95SC for $1299.99

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