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This rock-solid Brother Wi-Fi laser printer is just $70

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There’s a lot of woe in the printer industry right now, but Brother’s budget laser line is a mainstay thanks to low prices, incredible reliability, and inexpensive toner that just keeps going and going and going. Today you can get a refurbished RHL-L2305W, a Wi-Fi-equipped laser model that will print just about anything you want (unless you want color), for just $69.99 — a wonderfully low price for a laser printer. It’s time to finally stop paying the shipping store a dollar fifty every time you need an Amazon return label.

I’ve owned a very similar, super-basic Brother laser printer for years, and it’s never given me any major issues. Once you connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and make it available to local PCs (which, admittedly, can sometimes be less than obvious), it just sits there and waits to do its thing. Laser printing is way faster than inkjet printing, with up to 24 pages a minute on this model, and the powder toner cartridges (instead of liquid-filled ink packs) last far longer.

Perhaps the thing I like best about this printer is that Brother doesn’t have any DRM or other fishy business tied up in its toner cartridge design. So you can find a refill for an insanely low price, whereas a multi-color pack for an inkjet printer might cost more than the printer itself. For shipping labels, travel tickets, just about anything that doesn’t require color, this is a fantastic deal. Despite being a refurb, the printer comes with a full one-year warranty.

Get a refurbished Brother RHL-L2305W

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