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This triple monitor VESA arm is just $50 after triple discounts

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Having a bunch of monitors is great — I don’t feel like I’m really working if I can’t see at least ten megapixels of virtual space at once. But getting the monitors is only half the story, at least if you want a tidy desktop. You want monitor arms to get them at the right height and keep your desk space open. Today Amazon has a triple monitor mount at a truly insane discount, just $49.49.

The triple-arm setup comes from Huanuo, a well-known budget brand, and works with all standard 100mm VESA mounts. (That’s the usual rear connection for anything smaller than a TV.) And because we’re dealing with a lot of space and weight on that center column, the left and right arms come with three segments instead of the usual two, with four points of articulation and height adjustment in both the center column and the left and right gas springs. You can use a clamp mount or a bolt that goes right through the desk (or a pre-cut cable hole, if you’re lucky).

I’ve used one of these all-in-one triple mounts before. It’s great for getting the look and reducing the amount of actual hardware on your desk, but take a bit of advice. When the listing says “up to 27 inches,” it’s not kidding. I’ve tried to use a similar one with a 24-32-24 setup, and it had juuuuuust enough space to be kinda-sorta-okay. When I transitioned to a 34-inch center monitor, it just couldn’t handle the horizontal spacing, and I had to switch to three separate mounts. So I wouldn’t use this if any one of your monitors is larger than 27 inches.

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There are three parts to this deal, spotted by the users over at SlickDeals, so listen up. First is Amazon’s regular 25 percent discount, which brings the sticker price from $119.99 to $89.99. Then there’s the “coupon” on the listing page — make sure to click it to get an additional $18 off, for a price of $71.99. Finally, enter the additional code VW3QQEXV at the checkout screen for a final $22 discount, bringing the price down to $49.49. That’s a total discount of $70.50. Freakin’ sweet.

You can check out our roundup of the best monitor arms if you want more options, but don’t expect to find any deals this steep there.

Get a triple monitor VESA mount for $49.49 at Amazon — check the steps above

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