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Travel lighter with 40% off this Azorpa portable monitor — one of our faves

Arzopa A1 GamutImage: Matt Smith

It’s no surprise to see portable monitors as part of many setups these days. They provide the luxury and convenience of a full-size monitor but are generally less expensive, easier to connect, and best of all, portable. And while they may add to your setup at home, they are even more useful when connected with laptops. Just like your laptop, you can pack up and move a portable monitor while on the go or during your next trip as a convenient way to add extra screen real-estate without taking up too much room in your bag or luggage.

So, if you’re looking to grab a portable monitor this October Prime Day, you’re in luck. Amazon is offering one of our favorite portable monitors, the Arzopa A1 Gamut, for 40% off of the original $149.99 price tag. We like the A1 Gamut so much that it came in as our favorite budget portable monitor in our roundup of best portable monitors. This 15.6-inch 1080p monitor already provides great image quality for the price. It reaches a maximum brightness of 297 nits and spans 97 percent of the sRGB color gamut. It might not be suitable for professional content, but it holds up perfectly well while web browsing, working on documents, or even watching YouTube.

This monitor has dipped as low as $110 before, but $89.99 is the lowest we’ve ever seen it. So whether you’re a student, work-from-home professional, or globe-trotting exec, don’t miss out on this excellent deal to upgrade your on-the-go setup.

Get the Arzopa A1 Gamut for $89.99 on Amazon

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