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Windows 11's feature-packed 'Moment 4' update is available to all

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Microsoft is now making update KB5031455 for Windows 11 available for download and installation in a preview version via Windows Update. This means that even more people can now receive the massive “Moment 4” feature update in advance of a wider rollout.

In September 2023, the Moment 4 preview was only sent to Windows 11 Insider preview testers. But now, any Windows 11 user who activates the “Get the latest updates as soon as they are available” option in Windows Update should also see KB5031455 and can install it manually if they wish. On November’s Patch Tuesday (i.e. on November 14), Microsoft will finally offer the update for automatic installation on all Windows 11 computers via Windows Update.

The download size of KB5031455 is about 600 megabytes. The update is also available for manual download from the Microsoft Update Catalogue. Many new feature that are part of the “Moment 4 Updates” had already been integrated into the operating system by Microsoft with earlier Windows 11 updates and these will now only be unlocked with KB5031455.

After successful installation of KB5031455, the full version number of Windows 11 is: “Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Build 22621.2506)”. In the end, however, it is Windows 11 version 23H2. Microsoft will probably release a smaller update that will change the display from “Version 22H2” to “Version 23H2”.

Moment 4 update brings many, many innovations

The “Moment 4”-update is the most extensive update since the release of Windows 11. A look at this support article from Microsoft shows how extensive the update is, in which all highlights are listed separately according to categories such as “Start menu”, “Taskbar”, “File explorer”, “Security” and “Settings and Bluetooth”. These highlights include:

Windows Copilot AInative support for the pack formats “rar”, “7z” and “tar”Improvements in the start menua beefed-up volume mixer that can be accessed via “Ctrl + Windows key + V”the new Windows Backup appsupport for passkeys (which are supposed to replace passwords)an enhanced phishing protectionthe possibility to hide the display of the time in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen the completely redesigned start page of the “Settings” appthe control of devices with dynamic lighting (such as mice, keyboards, etc.)…and much more


KB5031455: The release notes

Compared to the Moment preview version in September 2023, Windows 11’s developers have fixed various smaller and larger bugs, plus cosmetic changes. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

New This update adds new customisation options for DYNAMIC LIGHTING OEMs. You can now customise operating system images for new PCs. This includes setting up default values for dynamic lighting.This update changes the English name of the former Republic of Turkey. The new, official name is the Republic of Türkiye.This update supports the currency change in Croatia from the Kuna to the Euro.This update supports Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes in Syria. For more information, see Interim guidance for Syria DST changes 2022 .For more learn, see Interim guidance for Syria DST changes 2022.This update fixes an issue that affectsfontdrvhost.exe. It stops responding when you use CFF2 (Compact Font Format Version 2) fonts.This update fixes a memory leak in ctfmon.exe.This update fixes a memory leak in TextInputHost.exe.This update fixes an issue that affects dynamic lighting. The default provider is not applied as expected. This occurs when you set it up with unattended registration files.This update fixes an issue that affects the Windows firewall profile. When you are on a domain-authenticated network, a public domain is detected. This is incorrect.This update fixes an issue that affects Outlook. It stops responding. This occurs when you print to an Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) printer that has a slow response time.This update fixes an error that occurs when printing with v4 print drivers.This update fixes an issue that affects the wireless settings. The mobile carrier name is incorrect.This update makes country and carrier settings asset (COSA) profiles for certain mobile carriers up to date.This update fixes an issue that blocks external connections. This occurs when you set up a Kubernetes service with load balancing and enable session affinity.This update fixes an issue with the firewall configuration service provider (CSP). It stops synchronisation of a device.This update fixes an issue that affects devices on which you have defined Windows Information Protection (WIP) policies and set up a proxy. A termination error occurs. This occurs on devices that use Microsoft Defender Application Guard. In the past, WIP was referred to as Enterprise Data Protection (EDP).This update fixes an issue that occurs after a push-button reset. You cannot set up Windows Hello facial recognition. This affects devices that have Windows Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS) enabled.This update fixes an issue that affects PowerShell versions greater than 7.3.1. Scripts may be blocked and not run in restricted language mode. This occurs when you enable a WDAC policy.This update fixes an issue that affects the Auto-hide taskbar setting. You cannot set it using the SHAppBarMessage() API.This update improves the performance of the search box.This update fixes an issue that affects robocopy. The /efsraw switch prevents data from being copied properly.This update fixes an issue that affects the Device Management (DM) client. The synchronisation session takes longer than expected for the status (ESP) registration page.

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