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Yay! $200 graphics cards are back during Amazon's October Prime Days

Intel Arc A750 Limited EditionImage: Brad Chacos/IDG

It took a second Amazon Prime Day to make it possible, but sub-$200 PC gaming is back on the menu, friends!

Amazon Prime subscribers can score Intel’s Arc A750 Limited Edition for $199 today and tomorrow, matching the killer offer available earlier in the year. Now that AMD’s last-gen Radeon RX 6600 is consistently selling for $210 to $220, that makes this the go-to GPU for PC gamers on a strict budget.

Intel’s debut Arc graphics cards suffered from a rocky launch, offering superb performance in DirectX 12 and ray-traced games, but outright bad performance in DX9 and DX11 games (a.k.a. most everything but modern triple-A flagships). Over the past year, however, Intel’s engineers have been busting their hump to massively improve performance in those games. The Arc A750 still enjoys its DX12 and ray tracing advantages, but now it’s no slouch in older games either – especially at this delectable price.

One caveat: Make sure you have a PC released in the last four or so years if you plan on picking up the Arc A750. Intel’s Arc GPUs require a relatively modern feature called “PCIe Resizable BAR” enabled to hit its stride, and if your motherboard and CPU lack it, Arc’s performance falls off a cliff.

But if you can check that box, don’t hesitate to jump on this killer deal. Intel’s Arc A750 has evolved into a fully worthwhile 1080p graphics card, while Nvidia and AMD have all but abandoned this segment of the market in recent generations. You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to claim it though. Here’s how to get Amazon Prime for free during Big Deal Days.

Get Intel’s Arc A750 for $199.99 at Amazon

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