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CPU-Z now works with ARM64 CPUs on Windows

Surface Pro X CPUZ logoImage: Microsoft

CPU-Z is one of those little programs that has become a staple of the computer nerd world, never making waves, but showing up everywhere from the lowliest forum posts to the most in-depth review benchmarks. That said, it’s surprising that it hasn’t supported ARM-based processors — while you could run the program on Windows on ARM hardware, it didn’t work properly. A new stand-alone version fixes that, making its measuring powers available to Windows users on tablets and other efficient devices.

To get this new ARM64 version of the program, head to the CPUID website (which I always think sounds like some web 2.0 dating site) and look for the new Windows ARM64 option at the top of the CPU-Z page. The new option was spotted by, and it appears to be more or less identical to the long-standing X86/X64 version of the program. To satisfy the pedants out there, I’ll point out that CPU-Z has had an Android version available for years, identifying hundreds of different mobile chip variants.

The original version of the program is getting a significant update, too. The 2.09 update to CPU-Z for X86/X64 devices can now correctly identify Intel’s new Arrow Lake 14th-gen Core desktop CPUs, AMD’s Hawk Point (Ryzen 8000) laptop chips, and the Nvidia RTX 4070 Super. You can also run the basic benchmark tool on single coresets and clusters.

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